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Our Objective is to nurture each student into the maturity of Christ and provide the best Christian education for the child's learning and personal growth.


Choosing the right school for your child is a big decision. Tamworth offers many quality primary schools and each one is distinct. At Liberty, we understand that all students are different too. Each child has been made with a unique set of qualities, gifts and talents and so finding a school to support their individual needs can be daunting.


 “I wish we knew about Liberty sooner” is a comment that we have heard from parents who have been on that same journey, looking for the school that best suits their child.


We have happy students, caring staff and supportive families because we are dedicated to working in partnership with parents and caregivers to meet the individual needs of the students.


If you would like to know more about Liberty Primary School or would like a tour of the school, please contact the office. We would love you to discover that Liberty is the ideal school for your child!

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Liberty College has two foundational principles:


Jesus is Lord

Jesus Christ is Lord and Sovereign Creator of all things. The school has a responsibility to develop each individual student, enabling them to discover their purpose and identity in Christ. Every student in the school is a unique individual formed with a God-created purpose and identity. 


Family is Best

The second principle is our belief that the family is the best authority structure for the nurture and development of a child. The school is here to help the parents raise their children. We therefore practise and teach Christian family principles and morals.

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