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Liberty College has a special focus on three aspects of school life. It is these aspects that will help every student fulfil their potential in Christ.


Commitment to Literacy

The school is committed to supporting students in Literacy. A whole school phonemic awareness program is used in the classroom in addition to a wide range of high interest reading material. The MULTILIT and MINILIT programs are also utilised to support students in Literacy.


Commitment to Small Classes

Liberty College has a long term commitment to small class sizes. It is our intention to have a maximum of 24 students in each class. This will allow more individual attention to be given and thus provide each student the best opportunity for the maximisation of their learning.


Commitment to Family

A family atmosphere is nurtured and encouraged, both in the classroom and in the playground, so that every child is accepted and recognised as a unique and special person. Students are actively encouraged to care for one another and to have a forgiving attitude in every situation.

"Thank you so much for accepting him, I have a happy, fun loving son again and it is all down to your amazing school. You will never know how grateful I am."


- School Mum, 2022

Bucket Fillers


Bucket-fillers is a character development Program.


Concept: Everyone carries an invisible bucket that holds our good thoughts and feelings. When our buckets are full, we feel happy and when our buckets are empty, we feel sad.


Children quickly understand that they can fill buckets when they do and say things that are kind, considerate, caring, and respectful. They also learn that when they are mean, inconsiderate,

uncaring, or disrespectful, they dip into buckets and remove those good feelings. Even the youngest child understands that actions and words can either fill a bucket or dip into it.


During this school year we are encouraging, reminding, and recognizing everyone’s efforts to be bucket fillers at home, at school, and everywhere they go.

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