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This generation has seen a remarkable expansion of a new type of school - the Christian school, where Christ is Lord, and the teaching of biblical values and thinking is the basis of the curriculum.


These schools have grown up in response to the demands of parents seeking a godly education for their children, and because the Church has begun to realise that it has a responsibility to properly educate, not just care for, young people.


Parents have become concerned about their children’s education because of the growing secularisation of government schools, which originally had an education program based on traditional Christian values and beliefs. These changes strike at the heart of our society, with individual concerns often lost to the demands of the many.


These changes have forced many parents who take their Bible seriously to rethink their position regarding the education of their children, and take the important step of finding truly Christian based schools for them.

"I feel my family are extremely blessed and fortunate to be a part of this vital Christian School Community. Thank you so much to the teachers, staff, school Council and parent club members for making these school years for my family wonderfully memorable."

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